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Lee Nangeroni, also known by her bubbly alterego LaLoopna Hoops, is a hoop dancer, stilt walker and fire performer from Sunapee, New Hampshire. Ever since childhood Lee has been naturally drawn to all aspects of the performing arts. 


In 2015 Lee dove head first into hoop dance during a transitional period in her life, and ever since she has dedicated almost every free moment to her pursuit of flow! After ten months of using online tutorials, networking with other hoopers, and good old fashioned play and practice, Lee applied for and achieved a sponsorship with CosmicVibrations, a hoop company out of Virginia.


Lee absolutely adores single hoop manipulation, but by June of 2017 she had also started dabbling in other flow arts, including levitation wand, poi, staff, and fans. She also enjoys fire spinning, setting her favorite props ablaze! 

By spring of 2018, Lee was itching to learn something new, and decided that stilt walking sounded like fun. Little did she know how addicting it would be! She now spends most of her free time dreaming up exciting new characters to bring her performances to new heights. 


As a natural born performer, Lee takes her hoops for a spin anywhere and everywhere she can! Nothing makes her happier than losing herself in her circle and connecting with others who share her passion for all things flow. As a HoopLovers Certified Hoop Coach, her dream is to someday open her own studio so she can share the joy and peace of flow with anyone who is looking to reconnect with the creativity of their inner child, or simply find their own little oasis in the chaos of daily life.


Lee, also known as LaLoopna hoops!

Brenna the Butterfly

Brenna the Butterfly!

Selena the Sorceress

Selena the Sorceress!


Rainbow Sparkle!

Snow Princess

Snow Princess!


Red, White & Blue!


Shayla the Scarecrow!


Captain Kaylee!

Mistress of Ceremonies

Coming Soon!

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